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Rating: NC 17, which is heavy for a tale with leprechauns, huhWarnings: A bit of angst. Plenty of canines used. I made a brief research on Mythology and there are a few contradictory legends on leprechauns. The little fellows ain’t bad all the time, but they aren’t exactly nice. They are pretty much up for grabs and my muse grabbed this story

Notes: Huge thank you for Renny Ramos, and her thorough beta, and Chris, not only the beta, but also for lending me EE tapes

Disclaimers: „Due South“ doesn’t belong to me, but to Alliance. „Early Edition“ is a CBS and Columbia TriStar production. With all those big shots involved, do you really think I could’ve made some money? Sheesh!

The jukebox screamed old rhythm ’n‘ blues songs while a few die hard sports fans watched a bad hockey game on the TV at the opposite end of McGinty’s, the Irish pub by the corner of Franklin and Illinois. Ray was with the Duck boys shooting some pool across the bar, waiting for Benny to call at the end of his shift. He had brought Diefenbaker with him to the pub, but the wolf had preferred to stay near the hockey game crowd no wonder cajoling for some treats.

„Come on, Vecchio, quit complaining, and just shoot already!“

„Shut your face, Guardino!“ Ray growled.

„Down with it, you two. You are drinking too much and scaring the customers.“ Huey put his pool cue on the rack and shook his head. He gestured towards the bar. „Look how frightened is that short guy over there.“

All three heads turned to where Huey was pointing. „Shorty“ was a little man in a green suit, who had his back to the three cops. All they could see was a man who didn’t even match the average height of an American male and whose clothes were as green as steamed broccoli.

Guardino snorted. „Yeah, Vecchio. You’ll make that little redhead fella run to his mama in his little green suit.“

Huey made a face as he paid closer attention to the short guy in question. „Wow. He missed Saint Patrick’s Parade this year. Can you spell fashion challenged?“ He snorted at Ray. „Oh, sorry,
canada goose jacken günstig kaufen A Very Drunk Leprechaun
Vecchio. I didn’t mean any offence.“

„Hardy har har to you, pal. I’m the one wearing Armani.“ Ray leaned over the pool table to prepare his shot. „Leave the poor guy alone and see how I kick your ass here.“

No ass kicked, except his own. Guardino laughed long and loud as Ray missed his shot. Huey sneered evilly, „So what did you say about kicking whose posterior, Vecchio?“

„Bite me!“ spat Ray.

Guardino faked being terrified, „Oooh, I’m so scared. I get all worked up when my little red Mountie stands me up. You gotta know you can’t trust Canadians.“

„Hey, watch your mouth!“ Vecchio pointed a finger. „You might offend Diefenbaker. He is Canadian, too, you know.“

„Yes, good comparison, Vecchio. Nice police work.“

„So, you’d rather offend a wolf? I’ll make sure he knows that so he can rip off your throat!“

A shout came from the bar. „Hey! Is there a Detective Vecchio here?“ With a phone in his hand, the bartender was craning his neck in all directions.

Ray raised his arm. „Here.“

The man raised the phone above his head, „Call for you.“

„Hope it’s not Welsh.“ Ray put down the cue on the pool table and went to counter. It was Fraser.

„Sorry, Ray, but I won’t be able to make it tonight after all. Inspector Thatcher wants me to finish all reports.“ Ray sighed silently. He was looking forwards for a night out with Benny. Unknowingly, his friend went on, „Could you please take Diefenbaker with you for the night? I’ll pick him up in the morning.“

Ray didn’t want to sound as if it would be trouble. „No problem, Benny. I’ll take Dief with me in the morning,
canada goose jacken günstig kaufen A Very Drunk Leprechaun
and I can give you a ride to the Consulate.“