Canada Goose Deutschland Outlet Parka Navy Manitoba A Second Interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber

canada goose parka damen sale A Second Interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber

Q: How does it feel after all this time to actually be on the film set?

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Well, it’s very exciting because it’s 20 years, almost to the day now, that the album came out, and here it is. It’s been done entirely in the way that I originally wanted it to be. What is absolutely thrilling is that the music is exactly as I originally wrote it. Anything we’re doing to alter it is really for this film.

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Yes, I think in a way that it was always very, very filmic. It has such a wide number of moments and locations where it’s set. It obviously had a hugely filmic quality.

Q: How have you altered the music in the film?

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: There are certain sequences where you can’t really alter the music much, but there are other bits where I know I’m going to want to respond to what’s on the screen. I’m going to have a good month, I think, to tailor the score to what Alan has shot. That’s the joy of being involved with something like this. It is the creative process of adapting the thing from one medium to another.

Q: Have you written any new songs for the film?

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Well, we have one song which I think is going to be a great improvement to the latter part of the movie. We obviously didn’t want to write anything just for the sake of it, because in one sense, Evita is as it is. However, there is one area towards the end of the show that I’ve always felt could have done with something else. So we’ve written this song called „You Must Love Me.“ I think that the song will tell us an awful lot about Eva’s emotional state at that time, and I’m hoping to use the melody earlier in the film as well.

Q: Can you tell us what sort of emotional state Eva’s in at that moment,
Canada Goose Deutschland Outlet Parka Navy Manitoba A Second Interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber
what her relationship is with Per and what health she’s in?

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: Eva’s dying and she knows she’s dying. One reason she is saying, „You must love me,“ is out of desperation. She’s also saying, „You must love me because you must have always loved me,“ so it’s a little word play, I guess, which Tim Rice has written. At that point in the story I think we have to show something about her own realization that she’s about to die.

Q: Andrew, nearly 20 years ago when you were recording this, did you think that you would end up in Budapest of all places, and can you tell us something about your feeling about being in Budapest?

ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: You should never get surprised in this business! I mean, if they suddenly said that we were going to do this in Lisbon or I don’t know where, I’d believe it. I’ve ended up with theater shows in places that I never believed possible. I didn’t realize until today that last night there were two of my shows playing here Cats and also Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. God knows what that sounded like in Hungarian, or if it was in Hungarian. So, you shouldn’t get surprised in this business.
Canada Goose Deutschland Outlet Parka Navy Manitoba A Second Interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber